The Faculty Club of the University of Toronto


The Faculty Club of the University of Toronto


Being the progeny of two professors has its perks: growing up in foreign countries, expansive vocabulary, and a natural aptitude for essay writing all come with the package, but one of my personal faves is lunch at the Faculty Club with Dad!


A handsome Georgian revival edifice located near Spadina and Harbord. The building is quietly grand, and given the proximity to the Annex and Kensington, is my dream home. Inside, the club has an air of cerebral gentility. Sitting down to lunch in the main dining room feels as though you are inside a massive Wedgewood Tureen, the surrounding tables populated with tweedy braniacs engaged in weighty discussion. Dad says younger faculty members are less inclined to patronize the facility, working through lunch at their desk rather than coming together to engage in discourse while breaking bread. If I regularly ate lunches like the one I had today, I would be enormous, discourse or not.


Apart from spending quality time with Dad, the art collection is the other big draw for me. The club has a really great collection of Group of Seven paintings. It is always a pleasure to revisit the Lawren Harrises, the massive J.E.H Macdonald, and the superb Doris McCarthy that hangs above the fireplace in the Salon.


Full, happy and caught-up, we re-emerge into the fall air, leaving the quiet grace of the club behind. At this time, U of T is still not receptive to it being turned into my place of residence, but I keep asking.


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