Letter to save Jarvis Bike Lanes


My house is on Jarvis Street. I do not own a car, and aside from TTC, my main mode of transportation is my bicycle. I am asking you to fight to save the Jarvis bike lanes for the following reasons:

1.     If the lanes are removed I will have no safe way to get to or from my own home.

2.     Jarvis is a residential street and all of the arguments for removing the lanes seem to support turning it into an expressway.

All of the arguments put forward focus on faster commutes, no one is talking about the fact that this is also a neighbourhood, bikes help mediate traffic flow. There are a lot of people that live on Jarvis. It’s not just something people are driving through.

I don’t ride on the sidewalk, and I respect all traffic laws, without bike lanes, where are cyclists like me supposed to go? Either I endanger my life or I break the law.

The Mayor has clearly demonstrated by his recent boycott of all Pride Week events, that he does not want to represent all of the citizens of this city. Please do not support him in this anti-neighbourhood, anti-Toronto decision to remove the Jarvis bike lanes.


Mark O’Connell

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