Mark O’Connell Art Portfolio

From my explorations a monograph emerges that can include painting, collage, block prints, drawings, poetry, fashion illustration and text. Upon completion, the series is gathered together and exhibited partially in a gallery, and partially online. This hybrid installation model allows the artwork to be read both as a cohesive agglomeration, as well as a collection of individual art objects and text.

I use the form of the art to mediate levels of accessibility for the content therein. The availability of digital work is wide open due to its reiterative nature, whereas handmade bookworks ensure that access to the content, and therefore the process of viewing, is intimate and personal.

Some recurrent themes are:

Gender and Identity; Practice and Performance; and the intersection of Public and Private


Urban Engagement:


The practice of moving between the tactile and the digital in painting:


The Natural World


Arts based research:

Gown, Silk, 1882, House of Worth
Gown, Silk, 1882, House of Worth. Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, 2009; Gift of the Princess Viggo in accordance with the wishes of the Misses Hewitt, 1931


And book work:


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Links to my practice-led research explorations are included in the comments below…

@Mark O’Connell 2017 All rights reserved, no reproduction without permission

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