Dreaming of Tanyss

I dreamed I was at Tanyss’ triplex penthouse and it was beautiful, it was in Toronto and there was a lot of snow. And out on her deck , on her multi-level outdoor area. There was a huge Boulder, and I was jumping off of it into the snow several times and then it loosened and started rolling and fell off the side of the building. Crashing into the streets far below. No one seemed to be hurt. It was all very upsetting.

Tanyss’ response:

Here’s my take:
The snowflakes represent the Covid virus. Snow accumulates, just like a pandemic escalates.
The Boulder is Trump – only maybe smarter. He’s blocked reason and science and now we have an avalanche. Maybe you’re worried about me and your American family and the dream represents your anxieties for us right now

Ps I really love you

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