Lilac Time at the Rodeo: Stories of Identity, AIDS & Fashion

The second edition of Lilac Time at the Rodeo: Stories of Identity, AIDS & Fashion has just been published, reviewers please contact for a desk copy.

Booklaunch events and fun reunions in Toronto and New York to follow!

The subjects of the Lilac Time series of books are Gay male fashion and art practitioners we lost to AIDS: Steven Varble/Marie Debris; David Wojnarowicz & Martin Wong; and Patrick Kelly & Antonio Lopez (among others). These men, because of the stigma attached to their illness, were never properly eulogized. In Lilac Time at the Rodeo we visit with: Chester Weinberg, Halston, and Way Bandy . Bright, brilliant, and visionary all, the loss of these men to AIDS was devastating. In some cases, the memory of their oeuvres is fading, in others prurient focus on the narratives of their lives overshadows their work, in others they are now forgotten or excised from fashion history entirely. This is not only an injustice to their legacies, it leaves a disrupted chronology of Queer history. It also leaves some really wild and wonderful stories, as yet, untold. This (illustrated) book not only shines a light on their premature AIDS-related mortalities, but it also includes personal reflections from the author, and adds to the record of the vibrant and beautiful work that these men produced, and how they lived.


Chester Weinberg, Gown

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