Night Time on the Wild Patch

Night Time on the Wild Patch

A short film on my performative art installation, created during a residency at the Centre for Creative Communication at Centennial College Toronto, Canada (2010).

This piece engages with my own counter-temporal processes of grieving. The catalyst for making this piece was the premature loss of my friend Marianne. Grieving her, I felt the memories of other friends; friends lost to me due to addiction, AIDS and accident.

The grief came and went, ebbing and flowing, illogical and persistent. The editing of the piece is meant to evoke the non-linear remembering and final acceptance of loss. I have buried their names into the drawing as a silent eulogy. I miss them all, but I am so much better for having known them.

The drawing was later burned. I chose not to film this…

Thanks to Richard Armin, legendary Canadian Cellist from Lighthouse, for his composition: “Night Time on the wild Patch” which forms the soundtrack for the film.

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