Conference Presentations:

July 2021: (London UK) “The Hunger: Nascent Realities of Dematerialized Fashion Design & Consumption”  At the following conference: Re-Imagining Global Fashion Business: New Models, Values and Ideas, Thursday 22nd-Friday 23rd July 2021, Coventry University London.

July 2021: (London U.K). “Cosmetics, Glamour and AIDS: Way Bandy, Scott Barrie and Halston” at theSartorial Society Series, U.K. Week 5: Trauma & the Legacies of Loss, 1st July 2021(Speakers: Lucy Adlington, Mark O’Connell & Kimberly Lamm) @SartorialSeries

June 2021: (Cardiff, Wales) “Y Sin Embargo Te Quiero (And Yet I Love You) Economic Policy Encoded in the Consumption of Used Garments” at the Secondhand Cultures in Unsettled Times Symposium, June 15-16, 2021School of Journalism, Media & Culture, Cardiff University, Wales @2ndhandcultures

May 2021: (London UK) “In Pursuit of Luxury Special Issue of: The Journal of Design, Business & Society” Panelist In Pursuit of Luxury Conference 2021

May 2021: (Philadelphia, PA) “Shocking Pink: Homophobia and Abject Marketing in the Digital Age” at the Fashion, Style & Queer Culture Conference: May 20-22, 2021 #queertheory #fashiontheory

Dec 2020: (Toronto, ON) Natural Dyes in Northeast America Conference, Royal Ontario Museum “Natural Practices: The Creative and Economic Autonomy Encoded Within Indigenous Dye Processes”. (Online due to Covid-19)

December 2018: (Toronto, ON) Future Communications Conference 2018, York University/ Ryerson University, “Future Pioneers, Utilizing Historical Precedent as Design Innovation within Fashion””

Oct. 2018: (New York, NY) LIM Conference, Fashion Now & Then, “Cover Me: The Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket as a Metonymic of Colonial Incursion and Nascent Canadian Nationhood”

March 2018: (Toronto, ON), Book History and Print Culture Colloquium, Massey College, University of Toronto, “Heilige Röcke (Holy Skirts) and Liturgical Linings: The Use of Manuscript Materials in the Production of Garments”

Oct. 2017: (New York, NY) LIM Conference, Fashion Now & Then, “’Actually, I’m in Havana’, Clandestina: an Ethnographic Study of Economic Policy and Colonial Hegemonies Encoded in the Consumption of Used Garments in Cuba”

May 2017: (Toronto, ON) Nouveau Reach, Past, Present and Future of Luxury, Ryerson University, “Rich Relations: The Evolution and Uneasy Symbiosis of Art and Fashion”

April 2017: (Toronto, ON) Communication and Culture Graduate Studies Symposium 2017, York/Ryerson, “Bio-Dye, India: An Ethnographic Analysis of a No-Harm Dye Facility, that Looks at both Philosophical and Operational Concerns”

Nov. 2016: (Toronto, ON) Future Communications Conference, York/Ryerson, “Second Hand News: Cultural and Economic Messages Encoded in the Consumption of Used Garments”, Technology, Medium and Communication panel

Oct. 2016: (New York, NY) LIM Conference, Fashion Now & Then, “Appropriate(d) Attire: The use of Canadian First Nations Art Motifs in Fashion” 

June 2016: (Toronto, ON) Fourth International Conference on Asian Studies 2016, “Two Way Street: Transnational Fashion Education as a Model for Equity and Sustainability”

Oct. 2015: (New York, NY) LIM Conference, Fashion Now & Then  “The Fashion Museum as a Pedagogical Tool”

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