Luxury Studies: The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal

I am pleased to announce that I am an editorial board member of: Luxury Studies: The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal.

“As a term which has made its way into everyday language, the idea of luxury has secured a place in contemporary society. Luxury Studies: The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal explores the many issues and debates surrounding the idea of luxury as a historical and contemporary phenomenon, both critically and commercially.”

For me the concept of “luxury” is what drives the transnational fashion machine and therefore the concept itself, as well as the physical manifestations of its pursuit are vital areas for research.

The aims of this exciting new academic publication are as follows:

Aims & Scope

Luxury Studies: The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal (IPOL) will provide invaluable insight into the luxury supply chain, enhancing the impact of research within the area of luxury. The new knowledge generated by the journal will have a direct impact on how luxury is defined and contribute to the understanding of a wide range of academic and industry-related issues.

Authors will be drawn from a broad range of national and international disciplines. Sharing experiences between multi- and transdisciplinary theory and practice provides an innovative approach to understanding the luxury market, how it operates and the impact it has on global ‘communities’. 

Academic communities will benefit through increased access to knowledge provided by and about industry partners – something that is often challenging due to the closed nature of industry practice. Industry readers will benefit from academic engagement and input through the sharing of diverse theoretical and practical experience. 

Through shared dialogue between academics and industry practitioners, the journal hopes to stimulate change within the luxury sector; bringing about change in the supply chain in the form of new, more democratic models that promote the circular economy, sustainability and fair practices in employment.

To submit please visit the journal page.

Luxury Studies: The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal

ISSN 26351609 , ONLINE ISSN 26351617

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