Lilac Time at the Stampede

The subjects of the Lilac Time series of books are Gay male fashion and art practitioners we lost to AIDS. In Lilac TIme at the Stampede we visit with: Hibiscus & the Cockettes, Marie Debris, David Wojnarowicz, Martin Wong, and Peter Hujar. These men because of the stigma attached to their illness, were never properly eulogized. Bright, brilliant, and visionary all, the loss of these men to AIDS was devastating. In some cases, the memory of their oeuvres is fading,Read more

Marie Marguerite Rose: A Story of Early-Colonial French Chic and Emancipation…

By dr. Mark Joseph O’Connell, My recent post from the Seneca Canadian Fashion Diversity Project: This is Charlene Chasse she has worked as a historical re-enactor with Parks Canada for the past nineteen years. She states of herself:…”I knit, I sew, I cook and I do hot yoga.” She also brings to life the fascinating historical figure of one Marie Marguerite Rose… Fig. 1, “Charlene Chasse portraying Marie Marguerite Rose”, The legacy of the fashion artifacts left behind inRead more

Rodeo References

Refences for my Rodeo book series: “Cockettes Founder Hibiscus Dies in New York; 300 Other Cases Reported” Body Politic (85). 1982. Toronto. July–August:16. “Fashion Between the New and the Forgotten: Rose Bertin” 2020. Fashion Heritage.’,-Pariser%20Coeffuren%3A%20Chien&text=%E2%80%9CIl%20n’y%20a%20de,except%20what%20has%20been%20forgotten.) “Founder of Cockettes, Hibiscus, Dead of GRID”. 1982. Advocate, June 1982 (345): 12. “Halston Part 1”. 2009. Designer Marathon Volume 5. Videofashion. Accessed May 6, “A Wall Street Journal News Roundup. 1970. “Moribund Midi: Woeful Retailers Say the Lower the Hem, the Lower the Sales Women Call itRead more

Succès de Scandale: Homophobia, Racism and Abject Marketing in Fashion

Succès de Scandale, the manipulation of outcry over the deliberately shocking, has been used frequently to garner notoriety and fame in the past. Currently, fashion brands are notorious for dropping crypto-offensive items into their marketing and then backing off with a meagre apology when customers react with legitimate offence. Social media hashtags generate viral visibility, and the associated brand is amplified exponentially. Engaging in this dance between the edgy and the truly offensive becomes tactical for brands to appear ‘cool’,Read more